{Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins and Brady}

I was so excited to take both of my YW aged girls to the broadcast this evening.  It is a tradition in our stake to have a mother/daughter dinner before we watch the broadcast.

It did not hurt my feelings at all that they wanted to sit with their friends instead of their mom.  Who can blame them?  The girls in our stake are amazing.  I love them.
Bryan spent the evening with Hayden.  He texted me this picture to remind me why we never go to Five Guys.  That place is too expensive!



Hayden participated in a fun run today at school to help raise money for St. Jude's.  Two of the teachers at school run in a 4-day relay race every year from Memphis to Mobile.  To help raise money the kids have several opportunities to donate money to be out of uniform throughout the year.  The main fund raiser with the students involves t-shirts and participation in this fun run.  It is a cause that we happily support and two teachers that we LOVE to help.

Taylor shows off her letter of congratulations for making cheerleading again.  This is one happy girl on this Friday afternoon.

When we got home, it was to nice to go inside so we hung out on the front porch for a while.  Hayden spent her time building a campfire that she pretended to light.  No real campfires for us because we are in the city limits.

This was the perfect way to end our busy week.  I texted this picture to Bryan to tell him to hurry home.



Look what came in the mail today!!  I have been wanting to order Project Life for several years.  I finally decided to order it when it was on HSN last week.  I can't wait to get some pictures printed and get started!



{Learning how to sew}
With the help of the Relief Society President, Sister Bryant, and a couple of other sisters in the ward, the girls made some covers for their personal progress books. After taking these pictures, I had to walk away, because I was getting frustrated.  This is why I have never taught my kids to sew and why I appreciate the help of other sisters in the ward who pick up my slack.



 {6AM is too early}
Jacket or sweatshirt; cereal or parfait; ponytail or braid.  Our morning decisions.  I'm pretty sure they wish they could choose to sleep in.

Hayden is much more alert in the afternoons!



We were egged! (In a good way)  We drove home to this surprise this afternoon.  The yard had candy-filled eggs hidden everywhere.  Too bad Taylor was at choir and didn't get to help find them. We did save some candy for her though. When I called Addy to see if she knew anything about, she sweetly denied any involvement. 



{Nicest Dad in the world}
Bryan moved the washer and dryer before church today to hunt for a lost earring.
 Last one to brush teeth has to wipe down the bathroom sink. Payton was the lucky girl today.

Hayden wanted to help iron uniforms tonight.  She is such a sweet, helpful girl.



Taylor and Payton went to a GEMS workshop today at the University of South Alabama.  GEMS stands for Girls Exploring Math and Science.  The girls got to pick subjects that interest them ahead of time and then were assigned classes based on their interests.  Soon after dropping them off, I got a call to come pick up Taylor.  She had a headache and was throwing up.  As a side note: This is happening too frequently so we might have to take her to the doctor about it. Anyway, after making sure Taylor was ok, Payton hurried off to her classes and enjoyed the day. 

She was sure to get all the GEMS swag for Taylor so that she wouldn't feel like she missed out.

I took a quick trip to Sam's with Mimi and saw this bed.  Bryan and I have been bed shopping for over a year.  We can't decide on a style that we both like, that is well made, and reasonably priced.  I think I have finally found the right bed.



Bryan texted me this picture this morning. Somebody left the rollerskates in the yard after we played outside yesterday afternoon.



{Family Game Night}
DICEcapades has quickly become one of our favorite game.  The mix between trivia, physical challenges, and brain teasers makes game that everyone enjoys.

Skittle and rolos were for dessert.  I bought them last week to make cute St. Patrick's Day snacks for the girls but never got around to it.  I'm awesome like that.